I have been inside for the whole day, talking with my self like a psychotic auntie, trying to improve the outcome of my voice. It's getting better. No, really! It's getting better but as I said, I sit inside likethe psychotic auntie. I hope nobody hears me. That would be sick. It would be sick if the people could hear me. YUK!
I am making some French toast with spices and green onions for myself and that will taste really delicious!
Today I had a Pilates day. That was really relaxing...ehm...of course very exhausting, also.  But it is always exhausting. Furthermore, Antonia is coming later, and we want to cook together...ehm...I am not sure what by now, but we will see. If the weather will be nice I am going to ask her if we should go to the Schönefeld Park together.
Good morning. Today is day 4 and it's going so much easier. I had the feeling when I got up today, that my voice is really trained, and I am excited, how much it will change by tomorrow and the day after.
Ok, it has been a week now. And I always say that it's going better. Somehow, I have some doubts, but I hope it will work out better soon. This afternoon I am going to meet Andra and the theater people. I am a bit nervous. I should practice talking before I go.
I talked the whole day through. But it's becoming easier, for real. Yes, I am very happy! I've been reading a book for a large group and this was a big success for me and yes it's working out greatly.
I am a bit nervous, because I will hold a presentation and it will be the first time I do this with my new voice. But...it's working out pretty well, and I am excited to see how it will go Almostt two weeks now. Yesterday it wasn't working out well, but today is much better. I am thrilled to see how it will evolve and later I have a meeting with the theatre group and I think it is going to be cool.
Today is Sunday and I wanted to do some things but I did nothing except doing sports. That's how it is. I just talk more and practice more...hm...anyway I'm not doing this seriously enough. Oh, but yesterday I read a little bit aloud. That need to get better. I am a little bit annoyed by the situation...hm...that's how it is.
In my works I document the process of changing my voice. My voice was always very deep and I decided to change this to live more stress-free.
I try to document this not just literally, but also emotionally. What does it mean to change your acoustic representation in this world? What part of this decision was induced from the outside and what was my own decision? I can't conclude on anything, because the process hasn't come to completion, yet. I don't know what completion will be like, all I have is an intersection of hope, motivation, fear and above all: curiosity.
And to this state of things I invite the spectator, with the hope that empathy will connect us, in this time of distance.